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Wiki Guides and Conventions

Please feel free to make changes which improve the Habari wiki at any time.

If you're keen to get more involved, consider joining the Wiki Working Group, and keep an eye out for the next WikiWeek.

Every page in the Habari Wiki must have a unique title. Ideally, these titles should be[1]:

  • Recognizable – Use names and terms most commonly used, and so most likely to be recognized, for the topic of the article.
  • Easy to find – Use terms that readers are most likely to look for in order to find the article (and to which editors will most naturally link from other articles).
  • Precise – Be precise, but only as precise as is necessary to identify the topic of the article unambiguously.
  • Concise – A good article title is brief and to the point. (Even when disambiguation is necessary, keep that part brief.)
  • Consistent – Prefer titles that follow the same pattern as those of other similar articles.

Most articles will have a simple and obvious name that satisfies most or all of these criteria. If so, use it, as a straightforward choice. However, it may be necessary to trade off two or more of the criteria against one another; in such situations, article names are determined by consensus. When no consensus exists, it is established through discussion, always with the above principles in mind.

The choice of article names should put the interests of readers before those of editors, and those of general users of Habari before those of users who participate in development. Try to make page titles reflect the actions the page will help a reader perform, such as Adding Javascript and CSS.

Redirects should be created to articles that may reasonably be searched for or linked to under two or more names (such as different spellings or former names). Conversely, a name that could refer to several different articles may require disambiguation.

Page Title Format

  • Avoid abbreviations: Abbreviations and acronyms are generally avoided unless the subject is almost exclusively known by its abbreviation (e.g. PHP).
  • Avoid definite and indefinite articles: Do not place definite or indefinite articles (the, a and an) at the beginning of titles unless they are part of a proper name.
  • Do not use titles suggesting that one article forms part of another: Even if an article is considered subsidiary to another.
  • Do not attempt to organize articles through title naming conventions: Pseudo namespacing or categorization should not be attempted by adding structure to titles (e.g. Classes/Posts or Installation/Special Instructions)[2]. Pages should be categorized and namespaced as described on the wiki structure page.


  1. The Habari Wiki Naming Conventions heavily reference the Wikipedia naming conventions.
  2. There are currently a large number of examples like this in the Habari wiki. The Wiki Working Group is involved in an ongoing effort to re-locate these pages to use more appropriate titles which meet these guidelines.

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