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Wiki Guides and Conventions

Please feel free to make changes which improve the Habari wiki at any time.

If you're keen to get more involved, consider joining the Wiki Working Group, and keep an eye out for the next WikiWeek.

The Wiki working group is responsible for the care and feeding of the Habari Wiki, in order to ensure correctness of information, ease of navigation, so that the Wiki is a viable source of information for Habari users and developers.



The main goal of the Wiki WG is planning and carrying out the restructure of the Habari Wiki, with the aim of improving usability and maintainability. The proposed structure is located at Wiki Structure. The structure is designed to provide clarity both for people trying to find information and for people wanting to add information

Secondary goals of the WG are to ensure that pages adhere to the Wiki Style Guide, to explore how the usability and maintainability of the wiki can be evaluated, and to ensure that the wiki can be offered in different languages.

The visual design of the wiki is beyond the scope of the WG.


The basic process of reorganization should be something like the following:

  • Make hub pages.
  • Identify pages that are in the wrong location.
  • Record what pages are listed in 'What Links Here'.
  • Move the page to its appropriate location, or split the page into new locations if it covers information directed at users, plugin and theme developers, and core developers.
  • Ensure any new pages are interlinked.
  • Edit all linked pages to point to the appropriate new pages. If the page does not yet exist (for example if the page being moved did not cover core functionality) create a link that will show up under Special:Wantedpages.

Hub Pages

Home Page

Provide an introduction to Habari for new users, and provide pointers to resources that will help users use Habari, such as an installation guide. The page should link to the Development Hub and the Core Development Hub.

Development Hub

Provide an introduction to developers who want to extend Habari, especially through themes and plugins. The page should link to the Core Development Hub.

Core Development Hub

Provide an introduction to developers who want to understand and extend Habari itself.

Other issues

  • Redirect Main_Page to /.
  • Display the page name in title case but have the URL in lower case. See: Wiki Naming Conventions
  • Develop appropriate categories and templates.


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