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Habari Wish List

These items are in no particular order, with no specific priority. They are simply items that are currently under developed, have been discussed, or are ongoing elements that need attention. For more detail, see Getting Involved.

  • Develop a user interface for managing blocks/areas/scope for themes.
  • Update and add documentation to the shipped manual.
  • Contribute to our custom plugin to build the addons section of the Habari web site (not svn). See the addons working group page.
  • Contribute to HPM, the in-admin plugin browser/downloader/installer. Browse it in Trac.
  • Expand Habari's testing; Selenium IDE, Unit testing, APE AtomPub testing.
  • Write new website Request for Proposals (RFP). See Habari Website Requirements.

There is also a plugin wish list.

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