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What are Habari Working Groups?

Habari Working Groups (WGs) are voluntary groups of 3–10 people working towards a specific goal. Most WGs are temporary and should dissolve once the goal they were formed around has been reached. They do not make final decisions, but bring developed concepts/code/etc. to the Community as a whole.

People should choose WGs based on their time availability and interest, but people should limit participation to no more than 3-5 groups. The idea is to focus on a particular goal rather than being loosely spread across several things. WGs should set an update timetable to keep the Community as a whole up to date on their progress. Communication should occur on the public -dev list and use a uniform subject prefix ex. [WG-Security] to allow for easy filtering. WG Wiki pages should be updated regularly to provide an overview of progress.

Joining a Working Group

If you would like to join a working group, add your name to that working group's list of members. Send an email introducing yourself to the developers' list.

Joining a WG is as easy as adding your name to the wiki page, leaving as easy as removing your name.

Creating a Working Group

If you would like to help create a new WG, please add your name to the appropriate section of this page's discussion. If you are interested in a topic that is not in the list, create a new section for that WG with at least a description of what it's about.

When a 3 or more people have expressed an interest in a WG, one of them should take the initiative to create the WG's wiki page with a description and the goals of the WG. Include notes on WG progress as well as a membership list. Finally, make an introductory post on -dev.

It is recommended that if a WG grows to more than about 12 members, it should discuss splitting into smaller WG and working on more fine-grained goals.

Established Working Groups

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