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  • Maintain the Monolith look and feel.
  • Provide a better experience on mobile devices using media queries to customize CSS.
  • Provide guidelines to make it easier to appropriately add or change content in the admin, and update the Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Remove existing HTML and CSS cruft, including framework-specific classes such as the pct classes currently in use.
  • Minimise both transfer file size of HTML and CSS and number of HTTP requests.
  • Attempt to improve areas with poor usability in the current admin (such as listed here).


  • Create media queries to target viewport characteristics.
  • Clarify the data and functional elements for existing pages.
  • Create appropriate grid measurements in relation to the chosen media queries.
  • Fit existing page content into grids.


  • imperialwicket
  • mikelietz
  • ringmaster
  • michaeltwofish
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