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Potential Goals

Provide an update beacon system for Habari to discover plugin, theme, and system updates. And a notification system to notify the user of the updates.

NOTE: Currently this is the goal of the plugin_directory plugin, HPM is a supplement to the beacons to allow for one-click install/update.


Each beacons should provide a guid to identify the beacon/package, a url to the beacon/package page, and a short description of the beacon/package, such as a changelog.

In addition the beacon should list all version of the package available, and should contain the version number, the update status (bugfix, critical, feature), the download url, and the comptible habari version.

Implementation (Client Side)

The notification system should provide hooks for plugins to interface with it, like providing a link to "auto-update"...

Habari should store the currently active plugins versions in order to provide hooks for plugin/themes to update DB tables/options they may have created, when the version changes.

Implementation (Server Side)

Create a standard XML format for the update beacons.

Provide an easy GUI for users to release new versions with all necessary information.

Provide GUI for interfacing with svn repo, to create new tags for releases, maybe.

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