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To develop a unique identity for Habari: website look, logo, slogans, taglines, etc. These elements should present a compact, easy to understand identity, that also effectively communicate what the project is and what it does/is trying to accomplish.

Solution Proposal

The website should engage both first-time visitors and existing community members. This means that it needs to tell new visitors what Habari is, who Habari is for, and why they should use Habari rather than something else. Returning visitors hopefully know all this already, so for them we want to keep them involved in what is going on. We should provide easy access to news and support, links to plugins and themes, and let them know how they can interact with the developers.

The hp.o website should reflect the project itself. To this end it should be friendly, attractively modern, and community focused. Khaled provided some mockups in this thread. Owen and Blake have taken this design and created an Habari theme. A demo of this theme can be seen here:

This site should be evaluated on its ability to meet the proposed goals for the website.

Some older -dev threads with relevant commentary:

A fresh effort to gather community feedback has been started on working_groups/branding/community_feedback


  • RandyWalker
  • Arthus
  • Blake
  • ChrisJDavis
  • ringmaster
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