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This plugin will provide some simple XMPP (Jabber) notification from within Habari.



Current Version: 0.1.4

Author: Ryan Mullins (http://www.ciscomonkey.net)


XMPP-Notify can be downloaded from the Extras Repository.


This plugin does depend on the XMPPHP Class by Nathan Fritz. You will need to install this library somewhere in your PHP include path. I cannot distribute it due to the licensing quirks between the GPL and Apache License 2.0.

This is how I have it set up on my Debian machine:

# cd /usr/share/php
# sudo svn co svn://netflint.net/xmpphp/XMPPHP ./XMPPHP

Alternatively, you could put this directly into the plugin directory itself. Assuming your web root is /home/www/ it would be something like this:

# cd /home/www/user/plugins/xmpp-notify/
# sudo svn co svn://netflint.net/xmpphp/XMPPHP ./XMPPHP


This plugin has the following options in the 'Configur Jabber Server' screen in Habari Admin.

Jabber Server Name Hostname/IP of the Jabber server to log into
Jabber Server Port Port to use. (Defaults to 5222)
Jabber Username Username to log in as. (NOTE: This is not the full user@tld.com, but only the portion to the left of the @ - eg. user@tld.com would be user.)
Jabber Password Password to use when logging in.
Jabber User Host This is the second half of the JID. (This is the rest of the id to the right of the @ - eg. user@tld.com would be tld.com.)
User to notify JID of the user to notify. (Your JID.)

Tested Configurations

I've tested this plugin using eJabberd as well as Google Talk.

For Google Talk, use the following settings:

Jabber Server Name: talk.google.com
Jabber Server Port: 5222
Jabber Username: username (do not include the @gmail.com)
Jabber Password: your password
Jabber User Host: gmail.com

Known Issues

Bluehost - Apparently Bluehost does not allow access to the required ports on Google Talk servers. This plugin won't work on sites hosted here. (Reported by Andy Cowl)

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