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Do not add your plugins to this list!

The link to the Extras repository below is currently out of date while we prepare to deploy the new addons directory! For the time being, you will likely have better luck searching for plugins directly on Github in the habari-extras account: https://github.com/habari-extras/

The Habari community also maintains the Extras Repository to house community developed plugins and themes, many of which are not listed here. The Habari-Extras repository plugins are all listed and can be downloaded from the distribution directory, which explains which version of a plugin is appropriate for your version of Habari.

The plugin you want doesn't exist yet? Add it to plugin wishlist on trac.


Community Maintained Plugins

(Plugins available for download in the Habari Community Plugins Repository)

Defensio Spam filtering webservice, to filter your blog comments on your Habari Install.

Comment Ident Use the URL left by commenters to find their profiles on the Web and display them.

Ali B. (a.k.a. dmondark)

Audio Player Plugin 0.2 lets you insert a flash-based, mp3 audio player anywhere within your posts or pages. Audio Player Plugin 0.3 Updated for Habari rev 2298

Woopra Plugin 0.5 Add Woopra's tracking code to the footer of your site.

The plugins below can now be found in the Habari-Extras repository, and can be downloaded from the distribution directory

Recent Comments Display the most recent comments in your blog and customize how they are displayed

Blogroll Displays a blogroll on your blog

Morgante Pell

Morgante has created a large number of Habari Plugins, which are all available from his lab and through the distribution directory. These plugins include:

  • AlienContact: a simple contact form
  • Chicklet: a chicklet generator
  • DateYURL: put dates into your post permalinks
  • Freeplace: blog-wide find & replace
  • GoodCode: attempts to improve your posts HTML to conform to best practices
  • Helpify: displays custom text or help on the publish page (great for clients!)
  • Last.FM: creates a last.fm media silo
  • LinkBlog: allows you to run a linkblog
  • Loupable: experimental loupe navigation throughout the site
  • MagicArchives: a highly dynamic javascript archives discovery tool
  • Mpango: a plugin management tool (used to generate the lab)
  • PartyTime: creates an event content-type and publishes a calendar
  • Projectr: a way of tracking projects, particularly for non-profits
  • Reportr: integrates Habari with Scribd for the publication of reports
  • Simply Noted: integrates Habari with SimpleNote for easy access to post brainstorms
  • Spamview: provides a dashboard module for spam management
  • Spreking: adds forum/discussion board functionality to Habari
  • Suggestr: provides tag suggestions for posts
  • Super Types: allows easy toggling of different content types

Ayumi M (a.k.a. ayunyan)

The plugins below can now be found in the Habari-Extras repository, and can be downloaded from the distribution directory.

Amazon easily/quickly insert Amazon Products into your posts.

Calendar Displays calendar on your blog.

Drop.io Silo Drop.io Silo (http://drop.io)

Fire Eagle 0.1-beta Displays current location on your blog.

Google Maps 0.1 (WIP) easily/quickly insert Google Maps into your posts.

Rate It! adding Star Rating to your posts.

Socialink adding Social Bookmark Links to your posts.

Twitter Avatar Displays Twitter Avatar in your blog comments

Caius Durling

Habari Markdown (Updated) An updated version of drunkenmonkeys markdown plugin. Applies markdown to the atom feed as well as the http:// content

Chris J. Davis

Akismet for Habari Uhhh, yeah Akismet for Habari, like it says. Link not current; no longer compatible with current Habari versions.

CJD Lifestream 1.0 Lifestream for Habari

CJD Quick Post Quickly post asides without loading the admin interface with this plugin. Link not current

Colin Seymour (a.k.a lildude)

HB Audio Player HB Audio Player is a highly configurable but simple Flash based MP3 player for all your audio needs. This is a port of WP Audio Player by Martin Laine

HB-Cumulus HB-Cumulus is a Flash-based tag cloud for Habari that displays your tag cloud in a rotating sphere. This is a port of WP-Cumulus by Roy Tanck

SmugMug Media Silo The SmugMug Media Silo plugin implements a Habari silo to access your SmugMug photos making it easy to include images in posts and pages and also upload images directly to SmugMug.


HTTP Compression This plugin enables Habari to make use of HTTP output compression, helping to reduce traffic costs and improve loading times.

Daniel Brachmann aka fengor

Flattr 0.1 Automatically add flattr autosubmit links under your posts. Available at GitHub Repository or as a zip archive of the master branch

TweetQuote 0.1 (deprecated) Cite Tweets with tweet:12341234 (status id) in your blog posts

Drunken Monkey Labs

Habminbar Habmin Bar is a small plugin for Habari that adds an admin bar to top of every page for easy access to the admin section. And in the latest version the styling makes it all look beautiful.

Tabasamu Development Preview Tabasamu is a plugin for Habari that allows for the selection of different smilies packages. Smilies packages are a set of text/image smiley replacements which filter the post content and replace all text smilies with their image counterpart.

Dylan Wreggelsworth

Habari Textile Allows Textile 2.0.0 Parsing for articles and pages.

Habari Pownce Show your latest public posts from Pownce.

Eli Naeher aka enn

Summary Allows short summaries or subtitles to be stored for each post, which are available to templates and are used in the Atom feed.

Render Type Makes a filter available to your theme which renders text as an image using the typeface of your choice and now uses http: URIs and works in IE thanks to bcse.

Erez Odier aka Marcha Lenta

Picasa Silo Access your Picasa albums in Habari as a media silo. Create Picasa albums, upload images to Picasa and embed them within posts and pages.

Graham Christensen 'itrebal'

Google AdSense Displays Google AdSense in the sidebar.

Google Analytics Adds Google Analytics JS code to track your site using their services.

Comment HTTP Filter Filters out http:// from comments who's URL is only http://, leaves "http://" for all other URLs.

Grey Lee

Most of plugins below can now be found in the Habari-Extras repository, and can be downloaded from the distribution directory. If you can not find them there, please visit my personal googlecode repository.

Atom Threading Extensions implement Atom threading extensions (RFC4685) on Habari. In other words, this plugin allows you to add Comments Count FeedFlare™ to your feed.

Audioscrobbler is a widget plugin to allow you display music you listened recently on your blog.

Breezy Archives is an archives plugin which mimics ‘Live Archives’ on WordPress?. When JavaScript is not available, it will graceful degrade to a ‘Clean Archives’.

DeliciousFeed is a widget plugin to allow you display your latest bookmarks on your blog.

FlickrFeed is a widget plugin to allow you display your latest photos on your blog. I write this plugin because I think unserialize() should be much faster than parsing XML.

Fresh Comments is a widget plugin to allow you display recent comments just like Brian’s latest Comment.

Google Code Prettify is a Javascript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page.

Jaiku is a widget plugin to allow you display your latest presences on your blog.

JW Media Player allows using simple syntax to insert multimedia files with a Flash player.

Pageless give your blog the ability of Infinite scrolling, instead of breaking content into ‘pages.’

Twitter Litte is a widget plugin to allow you display your latest tweets on your blog. I write this plugin because I feel the Twitter plugin in Habari-Extras repository is too complex for me.

Jesús Sebastián Cruz

Members Only allows you to make your blog only viewable to visitors that are logged in. If a visitor is not logged in, they will be redirected either to the login page.

Jose da Silva

LinkedIn Habari Plugin LinkedIn Plugin for Habari allows you to have the plugin badge in you template on a simple way!

  • Current Version: 0.5
  • Tested on Habari Versions: 0.5

Tarpipe Share Widget Habari Plugin 'Habari Plugin to add Tarpipe Share Widget into your blog posts!

  • Current Version: 0.7
  • Tested on Habari Versions: 0.7 alpha

Justin J Stark

jLaTeX is a configurable LaTeX plugin which uses local tools (latex, dvips, convert). It requires an extra class so read the readme.

jLaTeXp is a plugin which allows for LaTeX style paragraph and newlines. (an autoparagraph replacement)


Hadminstrip A very simple, clear and clean administration strip which appears at the bottom of every page when an administrator is logged in.

Matthias Bauer / moeffju

These plugins can now be found in the Habari-Extras repository, and can be downloaded from the distribution directory

  • PBEM - Post by sending e-mail to a specified e-mail address (very rudimentary version)
  • Autoapprove - Automatically approve all comments that were not detected as spam.
  • Autoclose - Automatically close comments on posts older than N days.

Michael C. Harris

Publish Quote Easily quote web sites on your blog using a bookmarklet.

TinyMCE Publish posts using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor.

(The following plugins are available on Habari-Extras)

jWYSIWYG Publish posts using the lightweight JQuery-based jWYSIWYG HTML editor.

YouTube Media Silo Access your YouTube videos from within Habari's publish page, for easy embedding.

Live Help Get live help from Habari developers and users from your Habari admin.

Tristan Roberts

CKEditor For Habari Publish posts using the popular WYSIWYG CKEditor.

Petr Stuchlik

Keywords plugin for Habari Keywords is a simple, yet effective Habari plugin which allows you to add HTML Meta tags Keywords and Desctription for each post you create.

Raman Ng (a.k.a. tinyau)

RN Code Escape Escape &, <, > inside <code>...</code> block into HTML entities automatically

RN Related Posts Show related posts of a post based on tag intersection of tags

RN Related Tags Show related tags of a post

RN FlickrRSS Show recent images of Flickr through RSS feed

RN ZooomrRSS Show recent images of Zooomr through RSS feed

RN Tag Cloud Show tag cloud of your blog

RN Monthly Archives Show monthly archives

RN Custom Permalink Customize permalink structure of every content type and its corresponding comments feed

RN Download Counter "Keep track of the number of downloads of specific files"

Robin Adrianse

Footnotes Adds footnotes to your posts!

Headcode Enables you to Inject your own code into the section of your template, and before the closing tag in your template.

Underscore Permalinks changes Habari’s slug creation to use underscores (_) instead of dashes (-).

Ryan Mullins

(Plugins can be downloaded from the Extras Repository.)

Brightkite This plugin will show your latest checked in data from Brightkite.

XMPP-Notify This plugin will provide some simple XMPP (Jabber) notification from within Habari.

Sean T Evans (a.k.a. Morydd)

Morydd's Magic Tags Hide tags begining with "@" from display Tested on DR 0.2)

  • Current Version: 0.3
  • Tested on Habari Versions: DR 0.2

(Now avilable on Habari-Extras)

Mike Shi

Chinese Plugin For Habari


If you can NOT understand the text above, I guess you will not be interested in this plugin, because it is useful (or meaningful) only for people who write blogs in Chinese. You, however, still can get the English introduction from here

Fanfou Plugin For Habari

Fanfou(饭否) is one of twitter's mimics in China. It supplies a badge for showing the lastest messages of you in the sidebar of your blog. I wrote this plugin to make it easy to use it. Maybe it's useless for the people who do not use Fanfou, but I think it's useful for some Chinese people since Fanfou is very popular in China. You can download it at here

Timezone Plugin For Habari OMG, there is still a serious bug in it, I will fix it asap. Sorry.

Timezone plugin can make your blog's time be shown correctly for your timezone. Active it, and select your timezone in configuration field, and, that's all. The date saved in database is still the server's timezone, so it will not damage your data. You can download from here

Elijah Snyder

barcamp Orlando Developer Day Badge

barcamp Orlando Media Day Badge

Simple plugins to add barcamp badges to your sidebar for barcamp Orlando

These plugins are designed to work "out of the box" with the K2 and other older themes that use act('theme_sidebar_top'), or invoked with $theme->sidebar_top()

Digg Tags on your posts Simple plugin for a configurable Digg tag on your post content. Very old, not very useful... Invoked with $theme->digg("link to article"), for example: $theme->digg($post->permalink)

GeSHi plugin for Habari. GeSHi in Habari!
This plugin requires that you download GeSHi yourself.
Get GeSHi

Content editor for Habari featuring markItUp! and simpleModal -- IN TESTING! Adds a light weight, extensible jQuery based editor to Habari.

Mike Lietz

All plugins tested with release and SVN versions.

GeoTags Adds Geotag meta tags to the header.

OpenID Delegation Adds header links for OpenID delegation, allowing users to use _http://myhabari.com/myblog/_ as their online identity through a 3rd party provider (OpenID 1.0 and 2.0).

Post Word Count Counts words in a given post.

Word Count by Tag Totals word counts for all published posts in with one or more specified tags.

Random Posts Outputs a list of links to random posts, picked by including and/or excluding tags.


Post Mailer Be used to mail a copy of post new published to indicated email addresses.

Fckeditor FckEditor plugin for Habari

SyntaxHighlighter for Habari SyntaxHighlighter for Habari is used to highlight source code in your post

Threaded Comment Threaded comment for habari

CJK Please For Chinese / Japanese / Korean users. Check CJK characters in comment against spam since there are rare pure English comments while most of them are spam.

Eugene Wee

CAPTCHA Provides a CAPTCHA for comment submission.

Comments are allowed to bypass moderation if the submitter passes the CAPTCHA provided by reCAPTCHA. By default, comment submitters may choose to ignore the CAPTCHA, but this behaviour may be configured through the Habari admin panel.

  • Current version: 1.0b3
  • Compatible with Habari 0.5.1
  • Version 1.0b2 compatible with Habari 0.5 (tested on revision 2104)
  • Version 1.0b1 compatible with Habari 0.4.1

Bill Smith (a.k.a. copperleaf)

Copperleaf Photo Gallery

A plugin that gives the ability to add photos and group them into sets (like Flickr). The ability to nest sets and have the ability to browse the entire gallery from a page (or something like that). In addition, an easy mechanism to add individual photos as well as sets to posts and pages.

Jonathan Naumann (a.k.a. vandango)

All Plugins and Themes are available under www.vandango.org/downloads

Vandango Tag Cloud (based on the RN Tag Cloud) Show a tag cloud of your blog (Another link)

I've updated available plugins to run with the new version 0.7 alpha. All plugins are available under my download server.

  • HabariBackup

Bob Clough (aka. parag0n)

URL Bouncer Bounce (or forward) a user from an internal link to an external link. download @ extras


[1] Insert raw HTML code directly in your theme header,sidebar and footer

Download plugin Download and install plugins from URL

Fortune plugin Show (random) Fortune quotes where you want

Software plugin Create and manage software project pages easily


Two plugins which provide Zenphoto integration. Both are currently compatible with Habari >=0.7.

Habari Zenphoto plugin Show images from your album

Habari Zenphoto Silo Let's you select images from your Zenphoto album

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