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Copperleaf Photo Gallery


A plugin that gives the ability to add photos and group them into sets (like Flickr). The ability to nest sets and have the ability to browse the entire gallery from a page (or something like that). In addition, an easy mechanism to add individual photos as well as sets to posts and pages. The short term intent is to use this space for formulating the design and storing ideas and notes. The long term intent is to use this space for release documentation.

An initial discussion thread can be found in the habari-dev group.

NOTE: There is an initial checkin of the plugin (non functional) in the habari-extras SVN repository. This initial version creates some preliminary tables and queries some very basic options from the options table.


I wrote a more primitive version of this plugin for Wordpress called Copperleaf Photo Log.


1. Why another photo plugin or tool? Aren't there plenty out there?

Good question. There are plenty of good tools out there: both hosted and self hosted: Gallery 2, Flickr, etc., and there are plenty of plugins that incorporate them into existing blogs. So why am I doing this?

  • I'm cheap and don't want to pay for a photo hosting service when I'm already paying for hosting my site.
  • I'm inexplicably nervous about putting a ton of photos that I've edited and worked on someone else's site that doesn't provide me with backups.
  • I'm picky and there are some features and ideas that I have in my head that other apps don't do.
  • I want to see if I can do it better. :)
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