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When creating a theme, there are occasions where you wish to only show certain sections of your theme's template depending on what page your visitor is viewing. For example, you might wish to display a list of all tags used within the sidebar.

$request is a member variable of the theme class you are using, there are a number of built-in page types that can be attributes of the $request object.

  • display_home
  • display_entries
  • display_entries_by_date
  • display_entries_by_tag
  • display_entry
  • display_page
  • display_search
  • display_404

In the example below the search form will only display when not viewing the search results page(s).

<?php if( !($request->display_search ) ) { ?>
<li id="search">
<?php include 'searchform.php'; ?>
<?php } ?>

If you wanted content to appear only on one specific page, you would use $post->slug to call the page name. In the example below the search form will only display when viewing a page with the slug 'contact'.

<?php if ($post->slug == 'contact') { ?> 
<li id="search">
<?php include 'searchform.php'; ?>
<?php } ?>
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