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Welcome to the Habari Community. This page is intended to help you find ways to be a part of the Community.


Mailing Lists

Habari-Users is the mailing list for all users of Habari, and can be used for general questions about Habari, announcing themes and plugins, and discussion of things you'd like to see in Habari in the future.

Habari-Dev is for discussion of Habari code and specific questions regarding the creation of themes, plugins, and the Habari Core.


The "Cabal" is the tongue-in-cheek name for the Project Management Committee.

The Developer Directory is a list of people involved in the development of Habari. Learn a bit about your fellow community members.

For a bit about some of the why we're working on this project see Why Habari?.


12 September 2009 is Habari Party 2009 the first-ever community gathering for Habari users.

13 September 2008 is the second Bug Hunt for Habari.

Habari will be a sponsor of PodCamp Ohio 2008 taking place 28 June 2008.

A WikiWeek has been proposed.

2 February 2008 is the first Bug Hunt/Doc Fest for Habari.

Habari had a table at Ohio Linux Fest 2007. Some pictures can be seen at Morydd's Flickr Page


HabariProject.org is the official Habari web site. Packaged releases of Habari can be downloaded from here. A snapshot of the latest development version can be found at http://www.habariproject.org/dev/. CAUTION: the latest development snapshot may not be fully functional!

Google Groups hosts the Habari mailing lists, habari-users and habari-dev

Trac is where you can find the Habari source, including the change history, and the issue tracker.

API Documentation of the Habari source is available for review.

The list of Habari Powered Sites shows what is possible with Habari.

Just for Fun

There are several places on the web that the Habari Community can connect for and have a little bit of fun.

  • On Google Maps you can add yourself and see where the other Habarians live. You have to be logged in to edit the map.
  • See what your fellow Habarians are listening to at the Last.FM Habari Group
  • There is a Rosetta@Home Habari Team.
  • Beta - Quest system get involved in the comunity
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