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Welcome to the community documentation for Habari, created by users and developers to get started.

Current Version

0.9.2 was released on September 16, 2014. All users are strongly encourage to upgrade to this version, since Habari 0.8 will no longer be supported. See the release notes for details.

Using Habari

Installing and Configuration

  • Installing - Read this first, it lists the requirements and verifications to do before installing Habari
  • Upgrading - These are important notes about upgrading to the latest release
  • Moving - Move your site to a new location
  • Multi-site Installation - Explains how to run several sites from a single Habari installation
  • Importing Content - How to import your old content from WordPress and Serendipity
  • Security - Concerned about how secure your site is? Take a look at this page on how to tighten everything up. The page also contains information about reporting security issues

Extending Habari


If you have a problem with something, then we have several ways for you to get in touch

  • FAQ - Check out this first for the most commonly asked questions
  • Habari Users Group - Ask general questions - for example installation and customizing
  • IRC - We have our own IRC channel on Freenode at #habari to ask questions or just have a chat
  • Manual - And always, there's the Habari User Manual.

Contributing to Habari

New to Habari

You've read all the exciting news and want to get involved with the project? Take a look at the Developer Hub to see how the project and code is structured. It's the best place to begin.


  • FAQ - Check out this first for the most commonly asked questions
  • Habari API - Explore the Habari code through the human-readable phpDocumentor api
  • Habari Developers Group - Ask development questions (plugins, themes, core, etc.)
  • IRC - We have our own IRC channel on Freenode at #habari to ask questions, discuss development or just have a chat

Getting Involved

Habari is a community-driven open source project. Habari is most successful when passionate people share their experience and their expertise to improve it. There are many ways an individual can improve Habari:

  • Install Habari and test it.
  • Provide feedback on your experience within your hosting environment.
  • Find, reproduce, and document bugs, and record your findings on our issue tracker.
  • Fix bugs in the source by forking it and making pull requests on GitHub.
  • Help with documentation for both users and developers. See Wiki Structure.
  • Help translating Habari.

Think you can contribute to Habari? Keep on reading...

Themes and Plugins

If you would like to create, adopt or port a theme or plugin to Habari, then take a look at our guide for creating a theme or for creating a plugin. Remember you can use the resources above to get in touch if you have any issues. Also look at some example plugins and other Habari powered sites.

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