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Admin Area

  • Content can be filtered based on various properties. (issue 293, issue 317)
  • The admin area now validates HTML 4.01 Strict. (issue 431)
  • Publish page specified to separate tags with a comma. (issue 343)
  • Comments on the moderation page are passed through htmlspecialchars() to reduce XSS attacks. (issue 123)
  • The footer now links to these useful resources:, user manual and wiki. (issue 393)
  • Ampersands in links are now properly encoded. (issue 417)
  • Removed the obsolete file 'system/admin/comments.php'. (issue 369)
  • Fixed a bug where, when editing a post, the status defaulted to "Draft", regardless of the current status. (issue 422)
  • Fixed a bug where, when editing a post, the HTML entities in the content weren't encoded properly. (issue 76, issue 355)
  • Fixed a bug where the "Manage Content" page used the wrong rewrite rule to generate draft "View" links. (issue 349)


  • Methods now use the handler vars rather than the $_POST array. (issue 34)

Administrative Tasks

  • Added a Blueprint license statement to NOTICE. (issue 384)
  • Added the 'mod_rewrite' requirement to the documentation. (issue 149)
  • We migrated the Google Code Wiki pages to the Wiki. (issue 437)
  • We made sure the project homepage links to the wiki and Google Code page. (issue 338)
  • We updated the user manual to reflect recent changes. (issue 454)
  • We completed all the features needed for an initial release. (issue 17)

Atom Syndication and Atom Publishing Protocol

  • Only entries are displayed in the atom feed. (issue 395)
  • A post's comments feed link can now be accessed with $post->comment_feed_link. (issue 409)
  • Added the 'atom:published' element. (issue 429)
  • The 'atom:edited' and 'atom:updated' elements now use $post->updated. (issue 445)
  • Fixed a bug where previous and next url were incorrect. (issue 390)
  • AtomPub is supported, a list of working clients is available on the wiki. (issue 5)


  • The FeedbackHandler now redirects with the query argument "add_comment=success" on successful comment submission. (issue 260)
  • Comments' date are now built with the server's timezone rather than UTC. (issue 380)
  • Fixed a typo in a plugin hook that was not using our new naming standard. (issue 381)
  • Fixed a bug where cookies for comments weren't set properly in a sub-directory installation. (issue 441)
  • Fixed a bug where comments did not require user details even though the option was checked. (issue 40)

Database Schema

  • Removed the 'themes' table, theme credits are now stored in theme.xml. (issue 452)
  • Synced SQLite's schema with MySQL's schema. (issue 359)

Event Logging

  • User authentication is now logged by default. (issue 166)
  • Fix typos in the files 'system/admin/logs.php' and 'system/classes/logentry.php'. (issue 360, issue 373)


  • INSERT statements were replaced with API calls. (issue 374)
  • Fixed the AJAX. (issue 237, issue 438)
  • Fixed the outstanding issue on duplicate key name 'module_type'. (issue 327, issue 364)
  • We now tip the user into checking his permissions to create the SQLite database file. (issue 351)


  • Plugins are now tested prior to showing up on the plugins list, sort of sand boxing. (issue 159)
  • Plugins shipped with Habari have to be credited to the Habari Community, we do not name names. (issue 379)


  • Added select and textarea controls. (issue 410)
  • Empty URL are now valid for validate_url(), add validate_required() to decline empty url. (issue 346)

Pingback Plugin

  • Initial release, this is now a core plugin disabled by default. (issue 148, issue 361)
  • The plugin now uses the server's timezone rather than UTC. (issue 380)
  • Fixed various Pingback plugin bugs. (issue 382, issue 386)

Undelete Plugin

  • Add CSS styling to differentiate deleted post from published posts. (issue 354)
  • When disabled, deleted posts cannot be recovered. (issue 385)

Wordpress Importer Plugin

  • Supports 2.3.1 (issue 2)
  • Users are now imported and associated to their posts, but they can't login because ACL is not implemented yet. (issue 332)


  • You can now save an empty post. (issue 423)
  • You can now edit all fields of a post. (issue 284)
  • You can now edit tags via the Post object. (issue 3)
  • You can now delete custom Post types. (issue 434)
  • You can now retrieve the status name directly from $post->statusname. (issue 372)
  • Fixed a bug where you could not specify a "published date" when creating new content. (issue 419)
  • Fixed a bug where forward slashes were not encoded properly (issue 436)


  • Added a new method to generate slugs: Utils::slugify(). (issue 189, issue 255)
  • We now collapse multiple separators in slugs. (issue 400)

Rewrite Rules

  • Default rewrite rules are now stored in 'system/classes/rewriterules.php'. (issue 328, issue 377)
  • Revised current rules. (issue 350)
  • Removed obsolete rules. (issue 312)

Theme Development

  • Fixed a typo in the <!--more--> function inserting an extra closing div. (issue 331)
  • Fixed the Format::autop() function to wrap properly around HTML elements in the paragraphs. (issue 365)
  • Added new fallbacks for search. (issue 319)
  • Added new plugin hooks to filter user filters and the fallbacks. (issue 368)
  • Added CSS styling to differentiate Utils::debug() output. (issue 392)
  • Added a missing valid filter in the 'classes/theme.php' class file. (issue 366)
  • New header and footer functions. (issue 412, issue 135)
  • Tags are are now returned with rel="tag". (issue 325)


  • Fixed a bug where pages stored in $pages was limited by the pagination option. (issue 315)
  • Fixed a bug in the 'k2/error.php' template file where it used various inexistent objects. (issue 320)
  • Improved error handling. (issue 341, issue 420)
  • Removed CSS specific to Wordpress. (issue 371)
  • Search boxes are now consistent and the default value was removed. (issue 307)
  • Stipulate in the CSS file that K2 was released to Habari according to the Apache Software License 2. (issue 370)
  • After submitting a comment, users are thanked. (issue 260)


  • Fixed various Pagination bugs. (issue 306, issue 367)
  • If the rewrite rule is omitted, use the currently matched rule. (issue 415)
  • If specified page is higher than last page, use last page. (issue 278)

Various Closed Issues

  • Multi-site configurations now support per-site plugins and themes (issue 187)
  • Added __isset() to the QueryRecord class (issue 347)
  • We do not output error messages in XHTML anymore (issue 378)
  • We now encrypt passwords in SSHA512 (issue 387)
  • Initial release of the OpenSearch plugin, this is not a core plugin. (issue 115)

Invalid Issues

  • Deletings posts doesn't delete the posts (issue 407)
  • Add ImageURL to User Object and make update() call info->commit() (issue 388)

Irreproducible Issues

  • searching for "" or '' produces an error (issue 268)
  • The requested URL was not found on this server. (issue 329)
  • Comments with empty email are approved automatically (issue 122)
  • profile draft links are broken (issue 291)
  • Slugs/Tags ending in numbers fail (issue 326)
  • Issue with atom feed in Thunderbird (issue 162)
  • Error while install habari (issue 340)
  • Incorrect Integer Value (issue 383)
  • Article Comment Querystring Handling (issue 401)
  • plugin activation/deactivation (issue 408)
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