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We're excited to release Habari 0.6.4 today! This is a minor update to our 0.6.3 release. The primary changes enhance security and work around changes made to PHP.

Several security issues have been fixed, the most serious of which involves the inline editing of comments in the administration interface. A link not properly closed in the comment would take administrators clicking on the checkbox for the next comment to the URL in the link. This bug is fixed, and the inline editing has been moved from core code into a plugin.

Another class of security issues fixed involve elevation of privileges for logged in users. Due to errors in the inheritance of post permissions, users in some cases could gain access to posts to which they should not have access. All known cases of this have been fixed.

PHP made changes in versions 5.2.12 and 5.3.1 that affect how database access is handled. This broke Habari for all users whose hosts have upgraded to one of these versions. Habari 0.6.4 incorporates fixes to work around these changes while remaining compatible with earlier versions of PHP.

All users of Habari version 0.6.3 or earlier are strongly encouraged to update to Habari 0.6.4.

Issues addressed

Commit Log

Inline Comment Editing Plugin

If you are a user of inline editing for comments, the plugin for it can be downloaded from /dist or viewed in habari-extras.

PDO changes in PHP 5.2.12 and 5.3.1

With the release of PHP 5.2.12 and 5.3.1, a change to the way PDO constructs objects was made. This change reversed the way it had been done up until now and broke the functionality that Habari relied on. For more detail on this change you can follow the thread started on PHP-DEV Mailing List.

Known Bugs

Many bug fixes and improvements have been made since the last release, but as with any piece of software issues and enhancement requests remain. For full details see Habari's change management system.


These release notes were compiled by the Habari Community. Special thanks to elgee for the patches, help, and release notes. Thanks also to all the users helping with additional translations.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed time and energy into continuing to make Habari the success that it is. The Habari community continues to expand, and bring new talent and passion together.

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