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These are the steps that need to be taken when preparing each new release. You should copy them into the talk page of the release notes and strike them out as they're done.

  • Freeze new features by creating a release branch. See Release Policy for more information about types of releases, including where they are branched from and how long they should be frozen before release.
    • In habari/system:
      • git branch 0.9 Create the release branch.
      • git push origin 0.9 Push the release branch to github.
    • Update version.php with the new release version.
    • Notify testers and 3rd-party developers of the upcoming release. Notify translators so they can update with any changes.
    • Following the Test Procedure, check each feature.
  • Audit the files for security issues.<strike>
  • Build the release documentation:
    • <strike>Write the release notes.
      • Summarize issues fixed - need not be comprehensive (include github commits report URL).
      • Summarize features added.
    • Write the upgrading process, include any necessary files.
    • Update the user manual to reflect changes since the last release.
      • Update new.html to reflect release notes.
      • Update upgrading.html to reflect upgrade notes for this version.
  • Approval of the PMC to release.
  • Grab translations from launchpad.
  • Create a tag for the release from the release branch. Note that your remotes might not be called origin.
    • In habari/system:
      • git checkout 0.9 Checkout the release branch.
      • git tag -a v0.9 -m 'Version 0.9' Create an annotated tag for the release.
      • git push --tags origin 0.9 Publish the tag to the release branch.
    • In habari/doc:
      • git pull origin master Update to the latest manual.
    • In habari/habari:
      • git add system;git commit -m "Update system submodule to 0.9" Update the reference to the system submodule to point at the new tag.
      • git add doc;git commit -m "Update doc submodule" Update the reference to the doc submodule.
      • git push origin master Publish the updated master.
    • In habari/system:
      • git checkout master Checkout the master branch.
      • git merge 0.9 Merge the new tag into the master branch.
      • Edit system/classes/version.php to change to the next alpha, HABARI_VERSION = '0.10-alpha'.
      • git commit -a -m "Bump version to 0.10-alpha" Commit the version change.
      • Optionally git describe to show that master is now ahead of the 0.8 tag by the number of commits not merged to the release branch.
      • git push origin master Publish the new tag and version update.
  • Prepare the release package.
    • Update version references on the download page (edit the page) and in the wiki. Also, wikipedia.
    • Deploy release archive to download location.
    • Update the version number for the update beacon (/home/habari/public_html/ on hp.o
  • Upgrade the demo site to the new version.
  • Update IRC topic.
  • Announce the release on our home page, wiki, and mailing lists.
  • Celebrate!
  • Start work for next release
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