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  • Freeze new features by creating a release branch.
    • Update version.php with the new release version.
    • Notify testers and 3rd-party developers of the upcoming release. Notify translators so they can update with any changes.
    • Following the Test Procedure, check each feature.
  • Audit the files for security issues.
  • Build the release documentation:
    • Write the release notes.
      • Summarize issues fixed - need not be comprehensive (include Trac report URL).
      • Summarize features added.
    • Write the upgrading process, include any necessary files.
    • Update the user manual to reflect changes since the last release.
      • Update new.html to reflect release notes.
      • Update upgrading.html to reflect upgrade notes for this version.
  • Approval of the PMC to release.
  • Grab translations from launchpad.
  • Create a tag for the release from the release branch. Note that your remotes might not be called origin.
    • In habari/system:
      • git checkout 0.8 Checkout the release branch.
      • git tag -a v0.8 -m 'Version 0.8' Create an annotated tag for the release.
      • git push --tags origin 0.8 Publish the tag to the release branch.
    • In habari/doc:
      • git pull origin master Update to the latest manual.
    • In habari/habari:
      • git add system;git commit -m "Update system submodule to 0.8" Update the reference to the system submodule to point at the new tag.
      • git add doc;git commit -m "Update doc submodule" Update the reference to the doc submodule.
      • git push origin master Publish the updated master.
    • In habari/system:
      • git checkout master Checkout the master branch.
      • git merge 0.8 Merge the new tag into the master branch.
      • Edit system/classes/version.php to change to the next alpha, HABARI_VERSION = '0.9-alpha'.
      • git commit -a -m "Bump version to 0.9-alpha" Commit the version change.
      • Optionally git describe to show that master is now ahead of the 0.8 tag by the number of commits not merged to the release branch.
      • git push origin master Publish the new tag and version update.
  • Prepare the release package.
    • Deploy release archive to download location.
    • Update the version number for the update beacon on hp.o
  • Upgrade the demo site to the new version.
  • Update IRC topic.
  • Announce the release on our home page, wiki, and mailing lists.
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