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This list describes some discrete features that should be verified as working before a release.

When performing a test for the purpose of determining release readiness, each of these tasks should be attempted on as many platforms as possible, for each supported database engine.

Testing is part of the Release Checklist.


  • Manage content
    • Create a draft
      • Edit that draft
      • Publish that draft
    • Create a page
    • Delete a page
    • Search content
  • Manage groups
    • Create a group
    • Edit group permissions
    • Delete a group
  • Manage users
    • Create a user
    • Edit a user
    • Delete a user and all that user's posts
    • Delete a user and reassign all that user's posts
  • Manage comments
    • Mark a comment as unapproved
    • Delete comments or Delete 'em all
    • Search comments
  • Manage options
    • Activate and deactivate plugins
    • Configure the Undelete plugin
    • Activate the Core Blocks plugin
    • Activate the Core Dash Modules plugin
  • Manage blocks
    • Create a new Recent Posts block
    • Configure Recent Posts block to not show titles
    • Create a new Search block
    • Add blocks to an Area
    • Verify blocks appear on site
  • Manage dashboard modules
    • Remove Recent Logs module
    • Rearrange modules
    • Add Recent Logs module
  • Manage logs
    • Filter events
    • Delete events
    • Search events
  • Change themes
  • Manage tags
  • Import
    • Import from WP 2.3.1
      • Confirm Authors
      • Confirm Pages
      • Confirm Comments
      • Confirm Users
      • Confirm Categories as Tags
    • Import from WP 2.6
      • Confirm Authors
      • Confirm Pages
      • Confirm Comments
      • Confirm Users
      • Confirm Categories as Tags
      • Confirm Authors
      • Confirm Pages
      • Confirm Comments
      • Confirm Users
  • Multi-Site
    • Installation
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • Search


  • Read entries as anonymous
  • Comment on a post
  • Search content
  • Log in
  • View a specific tag
  • View a post
  • View a page
  • Subscribe to the Atom feeds.
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